Trip to Germany - Homburg dan Kaiserslautern Berjumpa Teman Baru

On 4th Feb, we went to Homburg, the nearest city which is 15 minutes drive from our home. We were looking for halal food, and found this Turkish doener kebab near train station. The food were tasty and at reasonable price. If you want lamb or meat kebab, you should mention to them during order the meal, or otherwise they will serve you chicken.

      Doener kebab Eur 6.00

Our new family friends – Fauzana and Azmir had invited us for lunch on Sunday 5th Feb . Their house is in  Kaiserslautern, half an hour drive from Zweibrucken. Kaiserslautern is bigger from Homburg, and of course it is much bigger than our small town Zweibrucken.

Kaiserslautern city view

 I knew Fauzana from her blog while searching for Malaysians stay in Germany. We are being FB and blog friends since then. We reached their house around 12.30pm and had a good lunch there. Adam was happy with his new friends – abang afeef, kak fatini and aleena.

Thanks Fauzana for the goodie bags for Adam and also for the little baby.

 Adam and Aleena watching Upin Ipin.

 After Zuhur, we visited Museum Pfalzgalerie next to Fauzana’s house. Currently they are conducting Painting and Real Space exhibition. I’m not an ‘art’ person, so the exhibition is quite boring.

My friends and kids

Spending an hour at the museum, then we returned to Fauzana’s home for a nice hot coffee. Around 5 pm, we went back to Zweibrucken before it getting too dark. Thanks a lot to Fauzana and Azmir for inviting us to Kaiserslautern. Insya Allah we’ll meet again soon.

Dah abis baca entry? Cuba check apa yang ada kat sini..


  1. what a nice entry !! and sorry sgt2 baru today baca entry ni sebab dah berhari2 tak bukak blog hehe, and my entry bout your visit pun tertangguh...
    anyway, seronok sgt u all datang, walaupun museum boring haha, at least really2 hope you guys had a great time at our home :) next time, bila dtg sini lagi we'll do something more interesting ok :) ada a few tempat yg best boleh pegi insyaAllah..
    So, dah selamat smpai M'sia, moga di mudahkan segala urusan :) and may we'll see each other again next time, insyaAllah.. all the best for u ok :) hugs and kiss for Adam.

  2. seronok baca entry ni...=)
    dulu rumah sy dekat je ngan kedai kebab seblah train station ni.. rinduuuuu!!!! =)

    eh da balik malaysia ke..? lama ke kat Germany..??

    salam kenal :D
    -kawan kak ana :)

  3. salam noorul...heheh sonok ek umah fauzana..nanti dah dtg for good ke sini leh jenjalan duisburg okeh...:)

  4. I saw KEBAB!!! Hungry now T_T