Pregnancy Diary : 27 weeks.. another 90 days to go!

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for the health He gave to me and my little ones inside.

dah 27 minggu, cepatnya masa berlalu. Sedar tak sedar another 3 months to go.

So far, aku sihat2 je, last checkup was on Friday last week dengan Dr Roszaman Hospital Penawar, blood pressure ok, baby condition pun ok.. tak sempat la  nak capture baby weight. kena buat test MGGT glucose test. ambil darah masa puasa 3.4 mmol, then minum air gula yang manis gila tu. after 2 hours check balik 5.7 mmol. Terlepas dari diabetes masa pregnant. Blood pressure pun ok, rendah sikit tapi normal untuk orang ngandung ni.

Sabtunya ada antenatal class, free aje. tak ramai pun yang datang. ada ceramah pregnancy, imunisasi kanak-kanak, pemakanan dan senaman. Ada kuiz, and of course la ada hadiah kan.. Diorang ni malu-malu nak jawab, sudahnya aku yang jawab.. dapatla hamper kecik ngan sampel personal care.

Barang2 baby lum beli lagi, banyak lagi baju Adam boleh pakai, mungkin topup sikit2 je.

Yang lain tu tunggu pindah gi Germany baru beli. Okeh, nak rest2 kejap.. see ya!

Cantiknya Lisa Surihani dan Ana Raffali Kahwin

Hujung minggu ni dua tiga artis malaysia kahwin. Lisa Surihani dan Yusry KRU serta Ana Raffali dan pasangannya Aznaim.

Serius suka sangat tengok Ana Raffali pakai tudung. Muka dah la comel, sweet gila bertudung litup.

Cik abang Yusry pun mesti bangga gila dapat cik Lisa Surihani yang cun melecun ni. Aku suka sangat personaliti Lisa walaupun tak berapa minat lakonan dia. Sopan santun, tak seksi tapi boleh popular dengan cara dia sendiri. Tak sabar nak tengok gambar persandingan dia.

gambar di atas dicilok dari blog Abang Nara.

Semoga berkekalan lah hendaknya kedua-dua pasangan pengantin ni ye!

Now you can earn rewards by sharing through Facebook & Twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

Now you can earn rewards by sharing through Facebook & Twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

Trip to Germany - Suhu -16 deg Celcius dan Main Salji!

It has been 2 weeks since I back to Malaysia. Busy with daily job routine at office, makes me not able to update my story in Germany.

My travel to Germany was in the mid of winter season. The temperature was good in the first few days but suddenly drop to -11 deg Celsius on the fourth or fifth day, then the lowest one was -16 deg Celsius one week later.

In my earlier post, I had mentioned that there was a light snow fall on my second and third day. However, it wasn’t last longer and melts in just few hours.

A day before I went back to Malaysia, a heavy snow fell down again, started from 1 pm until night.

I asked Adam to wear his jacket to play outside and coincidently Adam’s dad reached home from his workplace. Adam was really.. really happy can play outside after few days stuck inside house doing nothing.

feeling habis ni..

And, see how happy Adam!

My first BE from Nuffnamg

Can you believe it? After few years blogging, this is my first I get Buffered Earning from Nuffnang. Ceh orang lain dah cash our ribu2.. aku baru nak kecoh.. kan..kan..

anyway, thanks Nuffnang!! lenkali bagi banyak2 lagi tau!!

Nasi Minyak

Oh sangat teringin nak makan nasi kenduri.. Alhamdulillah got jemputan from my ex colleague for his son wedding.. tomorrow @ Kota Tinggi.

Anyone would like to join me.. sila angkat tangan!

Faris Nur Daniel - Syurga tempatmu..

I just read about this boy and his sad story. There is no word can describe my feeling right now.

Sedih sangat2.. Semoga keluarganya tabah.. dan ibu arwah adik Faris kuat demi baby dalam kandungan.

Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami.. gantikanlah kehilangan mereka dengan yang lebih baik.

untuk kisah lanjut.. bacalah blog mazidul akmal ni.


Dah abis baca entry? Cuba check apa yang ada kat sin i..

Trip to Germany - Homburg dan Kaiserslautern Berjumpa Teman Baru

On 4th Feb, we went to Homburg, the nearest city which is 15 minutes drive from our home. We were looking for halal food, and found this Turkish doener kebab near train station. The food were tasty and at reasonable price. If you want lamb or meat kebab, you should mention to them during order the meal, or otherwise they will serve you chicken.

      Doener kebab Eur 6.00

Our new family friends – Fauzana and Azmir had invited us for lunch on Sunday 5th Feb . Their house is in  Kaiserslautern, half an hour drive from Zweibrucken. Kaiserslautern is bigger from Homburg, and of course it is much bigger than our small town Zweibrucken.

Kaiserslautern city view

 I knew Fauzana from her blog while searching for Malaysians stay in Germany. We are being FB and blog friends since then. We reached their house around 12.30pm and had a good lunch there. Adam was happy with his new friends – abang afeef, kak fatini and aleena.

Thanks Fauzana for the goodie bags for Adam and also for the little baby.

 Adam and Aleena watching Upin Ipin.

 After Zuhur, we visited Museum Pfalzgalerie next to Fauzana’s house. Currently they are conducting Painting and Real Space exhibition. I’m not an ‘art’ person, so the exhibition is quite boring.

My friends and kids

Spending an hour at the museum, then we returned to Fauzana’s home for a nice hot coffee. Around 5 pm, we went back to Zweibrucken before it getting too dark. Thanks a lot to Fauzana and Azmir for inviting us to Kaiserslautern. Insya Allah we’ll meet again soon.

Dah abis baca entry? Cuba check apa yang ada kat sini..

Trip to Germany - Pekan Zweibrucken

Zweibrucken is a small town where my husband lives for this moment. It is located around 2 hours drive from Frankfurt, 4 hours from Munich but only 15 minutes to France boundary. His office is around 10 km from our home.

On the first day, the weather is quite good, around 2 deg Celsius, but for Adam and myself who just reached here is damn freezing cold. Luckily, my husband had bought winter jacket for us and brought them to the airport. We went to grocery store called Edeka, and in here you can buy Halal chicken (brand - Wiesenholf), its price is quite cheap.. around 4 euro for 1.1kg. However, there are not many choices for vegetables and fish. I went to bed at 5 pm (11 pm Malaysia) and woke up at 2 am.. my first jet lag. hehe.. Adam woke up at 3 am and both of us were watching videos while Adam's daddy snoring.

That Sunday was my husband's birthday, so when i woke up at 4 am, i'd made him a bread pudding as his birthday cake. There was a light snow shower, the first snow in 2012 but last longer for 4 hours. 

We planned to go to The Style Outlets, similar with Johor Premium Outlets in Senai but it is much bigger and much cheaper. Usually this outlets are closed on Sundays, but on 29th January, they have Sonntag Verkauf (Sunday Sales) from 1-6 pm. When we reached the outlets, there was a heavy snow downpour and a strong cold wind. Adam was shivering and my husband had to stay with him in the car and let me did my shopping alone. ngee.. and my hasil tangkapan.. 

It is only Eur 36. in JPO they sell it for RM169 and in Jusco for RM 199. 

 The Style Outlets, Zweibrucken

Snow @ the Outlets

OK, first thing i've learnt about Deutsche lifestyles.. Sunday is a family day, no shops are open, including big hypermarket. Or, they will open but only for few hours. So if you plan to buy your groceries, please plan it earlier. 

Monday morning, my third day in Deutschland.. tadaaa.. as I wish!

I let Adam played outside for 5 minutes.. nop, actually I asked him to play outside so I can capture few photos. It was freezing cold.. brrrr!!

But for the next few days, the temperature suddenly drops from 1-2 deg Celcius to -11 deg Celcius. A bright sunny day, strong cold wind.. however no snow coming down.

 to be continued..                                                                                                            

Dah abis baca entry? Cuba check apa yang ada kat sini..