It's Our 3rd Anniversary!!

Happy anniversary yang ke-3 buat my beloved hubby. 

Even though we have limited time to talk since you went to Europe.. but please bear in mind that I do always remember you, every single minute.. day or night.. during sleep or awake.. 

May Allah always be your companion, and guide you on your way home.. to be with me again.

It is another year to create precious memories together.
It is another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other.
It is another year to build a life rich in love and laughter.
It is another year to strengthen a marriage that defines "forever."

Our sweet memories.. on 3rd June 2006..

Love brought us together, as husband and wife. And gave each of us, a best friend for life..


  1. hepi anibersari nurul!
    wah hijau...minat hijau gak ker hehhe

    cian dia cik abe dok jauh ek..

  2. geng tema hijau-masa bersanding

    ramai lak yg mmg amik hijau ek

  3. semoga berkekalan...hingga ke akhir hayat..AMIN