Fire Drill and Safety Training

Fire Drill and Safety Training was scheduled and successfully implemented on last Saturday. As part of Safety Committee, I was involved in one of the demonstration showed that day.

The training was scheduled at 3.30pm, but all employees got ready by 3.20 pm, waiting for the bell to ring. 3.30pm sharp, first long ringing was heard, followed by short but continuously ringing. All employees quickly gathered at assembly point which is near to parking lot. The PIC took attendance and reported to Safety Manager for any people missing or has any problem.

This round, it took almost 12 minutes to evacuate the building which was considered as “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” by the managers, considering employees already knew about the training and get prepared for the evacuation.

However for this round, first demonstration was started with First Aider Team and they showed demo how to clean and give treatment for 2 employees who got injuries during evacuation (one person got wound on forehead, another one person got chemical burn).

Then, my team (Chemical Safety Team) showed 2 demos on how to clean up and controlling the chemical spillage. For the first demo was for chemical spillage in powder form and the second demo was for chemical spillage in liquid form.

Then, the last demostration held at company football field by Fire Fighting Team.

This exercise is a must in order to give information to all employees on what, how or even when to react in an emergency situation. It should be done every year as part of safety exercise.


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