Trip to Germany - Jalan-jalan Mencari Cinta

It is my first trip ever to Europe. My friends called me insane but amazed how I have guts to plan and travel alone with my toddler.

Well, it's because of love. I miss my husband badly. It has been 2 and half months since he started his work in here. We never apart from each other for such a long time, every day I miss him even though we contacted each other via Skype.

One week before Christmas holiday, I surfed MAS website and found flight ticket are on Christmas Sales. I purchased tickets to Frankfurt for Adam and myself. I chose 27th January midnight flight, so I’ll arrive on 28th Jan morning.. which is on my 30th birthday and the next day (29th Jan) is my husband’s birthday, so we have chance to celebrate our birthdays together.

A special thanks to MAS stewardess who assists me during flight. Adam is too big for the bassinet, so she changed my seat from seat with bassinet to one extra seat for Adam at no extra charge. MAS is really a child-friendly airlines and I would strongly suggest to anyone who will travel with small kid.

 Sleepy Adam watched Upin Ipin @ KLIA Departure Hall, 11.26 pm.

The flight took around 12 hours, and Adam was being a good boy, slept for the first 9 hours.

After 8 hours journey, another 4 hours to go.

When Adam woke up, I let him watched Upin Ipin, and he still behave himself.

2 hours before reached Frankfurt, the Flight Attendant served us breakfast and I chose Nasi Lemak. Poor Adam, he didn’t have his dinner before take-off, and then he enjoyed the breakfast very much.

And after 1.5 hours, the real Adam is back..

“Ummi, look at me!”

 10 minutes before touch down

At Frankfurt airport – safely arrived at 6.03 am local time, 1.03 pm Malaysia.

Thanks and praise to Allah for this smooth journey, He protects this 5 months pregnant mother and her little toddler all the way to meet their loves one.

My love..

To be continued..

Dah abis baca entry? Cuba check apa yang ada kat sini..


  1. enjoy ur holiday kakak!!!
    preggy ke? wah...baru tau neh..hehe.. congrates kakak!! adam bakal ade adik.. take care ok.. lame kt kt germany?

  2. enjoy ur sweet time with ur hubby ya..take care..

  3. norul sampai sini bout the same time macam kami mula2 sampai duu.. cuma nye, flight kami dulu tak se smooth noorul haha, I was 6 months pregnant and the other kids had been vomitting all the way, dah la 12 hours journey, but luckily my husband was there.. klu tak, tak terhandle jugak kot :)
    enjoy your stay here noorul, and insyaAllah jumpa nanti :)

  4. alhamdulillah ko sampai ngan selamat. Berapa lama kat frankfurt tu? Enjoy your holidays ok. Kalau ada nak singgah UK tu bgtau la. ;)

  5. aku leh rs kerinduan ko tueh..anyway bestnyer leh g sane..take care k....