My Friends & Their Achievement

Just chat wif my UTM x-coursemates in Facebook.. Ira, Baya and Azizul.. 
Azizul currently further his study in PhD in Denmark, while Ira is working with NIOSH. Baya is an engineer which involves in Environmental things and also a certified Safety Officer.


A working wife and master degree part time student in UTM. I supposed to complete my research by next semester but seems like.. I need to extend one more semester. Hummm..

Well, I need to change my mindset, my target and rearrange my time.. so I can be success like them.. 

Thanks my dear friends.. for giving support and ideas..


  1. noorul, ira kat DOSH. Pembetulan.. tapi NIOSH & DOSH pun adik beradik.. hehehe...

    takpe la better late tapi berkualiti.. i know how hard to do research, face byk cabaran. tapi remember 1 thing, if u can do it well in master, i bet u'll do much more better in Phd.Kelaurkan kembali segala pengalaman, tips2 masa amek degree dlu.

  2. Hehe.. sori la Ira.. tersalah employer la pulak..