Celebrating Our Birthdays

Happened on last 28th and 29th January. It was my 29th birthday and 30th for my hubby (alamak.. nak masuk 30 sudaa..). And for the first time, we were celebrating our birthdays with 2 cakes! 

I've bought American Brownies from Sakura Cakehouse, chocolate cake with fresh cream. Hubby bought home made chocolate cake with cheese and blueberry topping. Both were yummy!!

 Birthday boy & girl.. with lil adam.

one.. two.. fuhhhh... iye2 je cik adam ni..


  1. Happy besday nurul n hubby!!!!2 kek utk 3 org??wah!!!!

  2. Hepi belated... sebaya la ni.. sy plak on 30th jan huhu