Dedicated to Dahliah

This post is a special dedicate to my sis in law, who will be married on 28th Nov 2009.

Since I knew her, she’s a kind of nice person, funny and charming little girl.

She’s the sweetheart of the family, she’s my mum-in-law’s best friend. Her mum surely misses her a lot when she moves to new home after getting married.

Some photos taken during her engagement day around 2 years ago..

Model of the year..

Lord of the ring..

Who are those fat peoples here.. Oh My God..

To Dahliah and Hamdi, congratulation on your new life.. Be a good hubby and wife..


  1. hehe.. aku pun taktau kat mana yg sama, tp makcik2 dia pun ada kata camtu gak.. sbb tu kitorg ngam kot!